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Check yourself: which shoes suit your character?

Casual young guy ties his shoelaces near the airport terminal

Have you ever liked a pair of shoes but left them in the store because they were just “not you”? You probably also understand that your shoes say a lot about your character. Find your character and find out which shoes suit you!

Tell me what shoes you wear and I’ll tell you who you are!

You can learn a lot about someone just by looking at their shoe closet. There are those who buy more shoes than clothes, there are those who prefer casual and comfortable shoes, and there are those who dare with patterns and colors. What shoes can we find in your shoe closet and what does this say about your character?

The shy type

If you are one of those who don’t like to stand out in places, neither in appearance nor in noise, high heels are probably not your favorite shoes. The ideal shoes for types like you are shoes in ordinary colors: white, black, gray, and you will probably prefer boat shoes, sandals, and simple sneakers over a colorful and high shoe.

The outstanding type

You want everyone to notice you entered the room, and rightly so. You probably also wear bold combinations, colors are not a dirty word, and if you can also dictate the tone for the next fashion trend you will. Your suitable shoes are shoes with presence, ones that you cannot find in every store – scuffed sneakers, fashionable walking shoes, high shoes, or colorful boots.

The meticulous type

If you go to work in a suit or tailored attire, you probably have some elegant men’s shoes in your shoe closet or a stockpile of high heels. In such a strict dress you don’t have many options, you have to complete the look with solid shoe that looks official.

The home type

At-home types are mainly looking to be comfortable. We will probably find a few pairs of slippers, along with comfortable sneakers, walking shoes, sandals, and maybe one or two pairs of heels or other formal shoes – for moments when they have no choice.

The exaggerating type

If you also don’t know how many pairs of shoes you have, you are probably the type to exaggerate. You have a lot of everything: sandals, comfortable shoes, boots and every pair of shoes you can think of. You can probably open a shoe store because you must have at least one pair of each type of shoe if not more. We just don’t know where you store all the pairs of shoes.

In conclusion

We choose our shoes according to our personality: if we don’t like to attract attention, our shoes will be like that too: routine and in neutral colors. If we really want to stand out, our shoes will be pieces of art that catch the eye, in loud colors. You can understand who the person standing in front of you is just by looking at his shoes.

Two happy girls on shopping holding shoes

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