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What is a financial investment?

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The introduction of the term “financial investment” is recent. Traditionally, the term “investment” has been associated with financial portfolios created by individuals or institutions.
Financial investments are any financial asset that has value and is bought to be traded for profit. Some examples are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold, silver, oil, etc. The investments also include real estate holdings and collectibles.
There are many types of investments of various shapes and sizes available to investors in all types of markets around the world.
Investors are always looking for new investment opportunities. For them, it becomes difficult when they have to learn every project that comes their way.

Financial investments in virtual currencies

Virtual currencies are quickly becoming a popular investment tool, with experts already predicting that they will be the future of money.
Since its inception in 2008, Bitcoin has seen an exponential increase in value. When it first started the value of one bitcoin was $0.06, but in December 2017 it reached a high value of $19,000.
Some companies such as Microsoft and PayPal have announced plans to accept Bitcoin for certain services.
Virtual currencies are becoming more expensive, with the value of Bitcoin hitting record highs in recent months.
Investors are increasingly using cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services. Bitcoin’s market cap is now over $100 billion, making it the second largest currency in the world today after the US dollar.
Investors can use virtual currencies to purchase all types of goods from houses to cars. However, experts say that investing in virtual currencies still carries a high risk because they are not backed by anything tangible or fiat money.

The key players in virtual currency are:

  • Miners: They are responsible for verifying the transactions. They create new coins by solving complex mathematical problems. These cryptographic puzzles make it difficult to create new coins without having access to all the right information. In return, these miners earn new coins minted as a reward for their work.
  • Traders: they provide liquidity by buying and selling virtual currencies at different prices and volumes on crypto exchanges
  • Developers: They develop software that allows users to buy, sell, send and receive virtual currencies worldwide or locally, or between friends.

Financial investments in physical trade

Physical investment is a type of investment made directly in physical assets, usually in companies.
Physical investments are often made without an accompanying financial investment, in contrast to financial investments where money is invested alongside the purchase of an asset (e.g. shares).
There are three main types of physical investments: private equity, venture capital, and IPO.
Investing in physical commerce has long-term benefits. It can grow your business, hire employees or make you more competitive. But it also has risk factors to consider.
The purpose of this chapter is to introduce readers to the risks and opportunities of investing in physical trading.

Which is better – virtual currency trading or physical trading?

The advantages of trading virtual currencies are easy to access, convenience, and no risk of theft or fraud. The disadvantages are that there is no liquidity compared to physical investment, and it can be quite risky as the price can drop in a split second.
The advantage of physical investment is that you can hold your inventory in real life without additional costs. The downside is that the return on investment may be lower than what could be achieved with virtual currency investments.
There is a certain theory that talks about how physical trading may be better than virtual: “An important difference between digital and physical currencies is the way they are stored – digital currencies can be easily stored on a computer while physical bills must be stored in a safe deposit box.”

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