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What makeup should you take when traveling abroad?


Whether you usually go on long or short trips, if you fly frequently, you should always travel with your makeup bag. Many hesitate when choosing routes or makeup shopping trips abroad, just to avoid the hassle of bringing it on a flight. Honestly – this is a ridiculously expensive habit! And it can cause so much unwanted stress if you can’t find what you need.

Remember, makeup lovers, it’s pretty much inevitable that you won’t be able to find the right solution when you’re in foreign countries. The stores are not always the same, the products vary around the world, and finding your exact shade is a total risk. Not to mention, the prices may be higher.

If so, here is a list of five travel-friendly makeup and skin care products that you can take with you while traveling to another country:

makeup remover

Makeup remover is the underdog in the skincare world. It’s easy to forget to pack it, but it’s important to use it if you wear makeup. In addition, the ecological discourse in the beauty industry regarding reducing the use of facial wipes, which people tend to bring on trips, is increasing every day.

Try to avoid makeup wipes if you can, as they are not good for the skin and are terrible for the environment.

It is essential to bring a quality moisturizer with you. With a crowded cabin, recycled air, and a lack of oxygen within the environment of the artificial aircraft, destruction may be caused to your skin while traveling. Bring a soothing moisturizer with natural properties and additional ingredients, such as ginger root, lavender, tea tree, or copper salts, which work like a shield to prevent environmental aggressors from damaging your skin tone.


Lightweight make-up is best for going on holiday and traveling, but if you need an extra foundation to hide blemishes, you might prefer to take a concealer along with your make-up (so you don’t have to carry a lot of liquid products). The more mineral-friendly the make-up is, the better – the last thing you want is to be trapped under heavy layers of make-up on your vacation.


Blush is one of the most important makeup products. A peach shade specifically is universal – beautiful whether you give lightness or darkness, and adds to it its innocent glow. Try to choose a small powder blush in a fresh peach shade, which will match your skin tone. After that, even when you can, the peach shades will give you a youthful look and a natural and fresh glow.


Remember to take a spacious and transparent cosmetic bag with you on your travels, or one that allows you to hang it. Fill your cosmetic bag with really important products: makeup remover, moisturizer, makeup, and blush. You can buy any other makeup you need on vacation, but these four are basic and just right for you.

Open makeup bag with beauty products and makeup brushes

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