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You may not be Cinderella, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find a perfect match for your shoes – how to match a shoe to an outfit?


You have the perfect outfit in mind, you are already completely sure that you know what you are wearing, but are you stuck at the stage of matching the shoes? We have prepared a shoe fitting guide, especially for you!

The outfit: a dress

Everyone needs at least one dress in their closet, even if they prefer pants. There’s nothing like a dress on those days when you don’t have the energy to dress up, and you just throw on a dress and look like a million bucks. Not to mention those days when you feel that nothing flatters you, but with the right dress, you can feel even more beautiful than on a normal day. The great advantage of light everyday dresses is that they allow you to choose from a wide variety of shoes because they simply fit any style – if you want to go for the sport elegant look, you can choose sneakers (preferably in a white color that goes great with everything). If you want a more sophisticated look, you can choose boat shoes. If it’s hot outside, sandals will complete the summer look, and if it’s at all rainy outside, short boots with tights will make the outfit sexy and feminine.

The outfit: jeans and shirt

Jeans that fit us well and a simple t-shirt are an outfit that we just love. This simplicity is the most comfortable outfit in the world, and when you are comfortable – you are the most beautiful! The biggest advantage of this simple outfit is that you can go wild with the shoes: high heels will make the performance elegant and cool, sneakers will complete the sporty look, and also platform shoes or a special shoe that steals the whole show are the ideal shoes for such an outfit.

The outfit: evening dress

If you’ve already dressed up, put on make-up, and wore a sexy evening dress, it would be best to combine it with high heels in a suitable color. If you are on your way to a party, and not to an elegant wedding, and you want comfortable shoes and a little twist in your outfit, you can combine an evening dress with white sneakers, that way you will get a cool elegant sport to look at.

The outfit: sporty

Do you know those days when you just want to be comfortable? Maybe it’s even a day of errands where you have to walk a lot, and what would be most comfortable for you to walk with is walking shoes at all? So the good news is that you can wear it right and look great. Sneakers will match you with any black pants and white shirt, ensuring that people will think you invested in your outfit.

In conclusion

For almost any outfit you choose, you can match several different types of shoes and get a completely different appearance with each of them. You must first decide what look you want today, or what style of clothing best suits the place you are going, and make this simple adjustment. You may not be Cinderella, but with the perfect shoes for the outfit, you can definitely feel like one.

Portrait of a woman holding high-heeled shoes in a shoe shop.

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