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This is why women need so many bags: the guide to matching your bag to your look

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Let’s face it, no woman has just one bag, and we find ourselves matching our bags to the pants and blouses we have in our closet. The bags are among the most common accessories in the world of fashion, and some of them are even particularly iconic and can reach huge sums of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this article, we will understand how to match the right bag to your look and whether is there one bag that can match a large selection of clothes from your wardrobe.

Choose the appropriate bag size

The size of the bag is very important in matching it to the chosen look, the size of the bag can weigh down or lighten the look and give a more relaxed look. Larger bags will suit more everyday outfits, they will usually look casual because their function is more functional than a decorative item. Small bags are mainly suitable for events or parties, for outfits that are more elaborate and less every day, and give a more sophisticated and elaborate look.

What is the appropriate bag shape?

The shape of the bag should be chosen according to the clothing and the purpose for which we will use the bag. The style of the bag must match the chosen style of clothing, if we have chosen a more formal look, we will not combine it with the backpack or pouch look. If we have chosen a more casual look, a tailored bag will not fit the style, of course, it is important to match the bag to your body shape also from a practical point of view. Choose a bag that doesn’t look too small or too big compared to the proportions of your body, if your style of clothing is loose clothing, a small bag can be swallowed up in a block and look less appropriate.

How do combine colors correctly?

Matching colors can be the most difficult thing in matching the bag to the chosen look, it is desirable that the colors match but sometimes a different color can jump the whole look. If you have chosen an outfit full of colors, it is desirable that the color of the bag balances the look and be neutral, it is better to have a uniform combination. If you chose an outfit with a solid color, then the bag should be the one that breaks the color sequence with a bold or colorful color. The most common is the classic black bag, which will usually go with any colorful look or focused on one platform, without attracting unnecessary attention.

Is it important to match the fabric of the bag to the fabric of the garment?

Certainly, if we are in the summer and of course, dressed accordingly, we will choose a bag that will be light with bright colors and fun on the airy side. On the other hand, in winter those light bags will not fit because the weather conditions will not allow us to walk around with a cloth bag without it absorbing water and getting wet. It is important to remember that the material from which the bag is made is very important, it is likely that we would like the bag to last for a long time therefore the material must be made of quality raw material. Most leather bags are durable enough and even suitable for a wide selection of clothing styles.

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